Delmanor Elgin Mills Corn Roast & Country Music Hoedown

Delmanor Elgin Mills Corn Roast  & Country Music Hoedown

Nothing represents the lazy late days of summer more than corn-on-the-cob with family and friends!

A corn roast is a way to celebrate summer and to make you feel like you are on vacation without ever leaving your home. In the old days, corn roasts were one of the chores that farmers completed at the end of the season to use up any remaining corn so that it wouldn’t be wasted. A corn roast nowadays is most often not a chore, but an opportunity for friends and family to get together to celebrate local food and great weather. Delmanor Elgin Mills celebrated Ontario’s sweet corn with a Corn Boil and Country Music Hoedown. The Sweet Duo Country with Linda and Darren entertained the audience with their energizing performance that had toes tapping and residents dancing to the lively tunes.

The Delmanor Elgin Mills Corn Boil and Country Music Hoedown certainly did not disappoint, what a wonderful way to celebrate friends, family and summer!

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