Delmanor Wynford Residents Cruising the Grand River

Delmanor Wynford Residents Cruising the Grand River

The residents of Delmanor Wynford were recently treated to a wonderful and relaxing experience cruising the majestic Grand River.

The Grand River is the largest river in Ontario that is entirely within Southern Ontario’s boundaries. Cruising the river is a very popular summer and fall tourist activity with the tranquil country settings and beautiful scenery, it allows for an escape from city life without having to travel too far from home.

The three hour cruise gave the residents an opportunity to learn about the Grand River and highlights during the tour, while they enjoyed the delicious lunch and entertainment. Residents commented on the impeccably clean boat, mouthwatering food and extremely polite and friendly staff, that when combined made the afternoon an experience to remember!

Delmanor Wynford residents love opportunities to experience all of the beauty that we have right here in our local area. The Grand River cruise flows through an area with unique aboriginal heritage, mixed with quaint farming towns and communities. Many residents were not aware that the Grand River runs 300km through the heartland of Southern Ontario and that it was declared a Canadian Heritage River in 1994!

Ontario is truly a treasure trove of natural beauty and wonderful experiences to enjoy at all ages! Everyone at Delmanor Wynford was thrilled to have spent this special day with friends on the Grand.

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