The “Experience Your Life Expo”!

The “Experience Your Life Expo”!

Sultan Akif is an award-winning CEO, author and speaker, that has been recognized in the Top Ten Global Change Makers List. He left a successful seventeen year career in the technology industry to connect with his purpose and inspire thousands. Sultan was once a boy who could not afford any books, he is now on a mission to build one hundred libraries around the world!

During Sultan’s travels he discovered his real purpose was to empower the next generation. Sultan founded “Experience Your Life Expo” five years ago, which is one of the largest youth empowerment and employment events in Canada. At the Expo you could meet organizations that help connect young people with volunteer opportunities and future employment that will make a difference.

Students from all over Ontario came to the event where they were engaged, uplifted and empowered. The Experience Your Life Expo believes that life experiences are the key to success and the Expo is the one-stop-shop for amazing opportunities in the areas of travel, volunteering, work and study.

There was an opportunity at the Expo to purchase art created by artists that sell their work to help those in need.  You could meet eight and ten year old entrepreneurs that were featured on Dragons Den, and purchase their book, “Anything is possible – Two sisters on a Mission”.

There was also an opportunity at the Expo to listen to a diverse group of inspirational key note speakers.  Kristina Lopez-Papic, Delmanor Northtown LivingWell & Recreation Manager was one of those distinctive speakers. Kristina believes in living with purpose.  She encourages the minds and hearts of people of all ages on a daily basis by motivating students, volunteers and seniors alike. 

If there is a need in the world, whether you are eight or ninety-eight, you have it in you to make a difference. We may not think that we have all the time, skills, strength, funds, or tools to make a difference, but the reality is that we do. Kristina recognizes that people may need a helping hand to overcome personal barriers to set these change makers in motion, and she is there each and every day being that hand. For more information about our projects and volunteer opportunities at Delmanor Northtown please contact Laurie Fortin or Kristina Lopez-Papic at (416)225-9146.