Passport to the World, Delmanor Prince Edward Highlights Japan

Japan was the featured country for the month of September as part of Delmanor Prince Edward’s “Passport to the World” Program. Residents and guests were entertained by Japanese Kabucki dancers who performed to a rich blend of music, with dance, mime, and spectacular costuming.

Kabuki has been a major theatrical art form in Japan for almost four centuries, and at the heart of the kabuki art form is dance. The dance movements and rhythms define characters and propel the story, as well as the skill of the actor performing. It is one of the most cherished forms of traditional entertainment in Japan.

The Delmanor Prince Edward residents were further submerged into the Japanese culture earlier in the month with the Japanese Cultural Center Heritage Department and an introduction to the legacy and history of Japanese Canadians by way of an interactive and educational presentation.

Japan has a fascinating and multi-faceted culture. It is steeped in the deepest traditions dating back thousands of years, while also being in a state of constant change. Between fashions, fads and technology, Japanese culture is forever pushing the boundaries between old and new.

Delmanor Prince Edward residents were fascinated with this edition of Passport to the World-Japan, and look forward to future adventures with this exciting program.

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