Dancing into Autumn at Delmanor Northtown

Did you know that research has shown that dancing improves strength and muscle function in seniors? It also helps to improve balance and flexibility that lead to better stability and fewer injuries.

Seniors that dance have shown to have improved cardiovascular health which helps to decrease their chances of developing heart disease. Dancing is fun and it encourages social interaction, both of which help to benefit overall health by minimizing symptoms of depression and defend against dementia.

With all of the wonderful benefits of dancing, it’s no wonder that the annual Fall Dance has become a favourite Autumn tradition at Delmanor Northtown. With the arrival of the cool fall air, the Delmanor Northtown residents sure know the ideal way to stay warm! The exciting evening included a four-piece band that played all of their favourite tunes. The toe-tapping selection of music was perfect for those that enjoy a waltz, a polka, and ballroom dancing. There was even the twist for those that like to show off their moves on the dance floor.

As with all Northtown dances, residents were encouraged to bring their dance partners, or if they preferred, they could watch their friends dance, or they could even pair up with one of the talented professional dancers. Delicious beverages with seasonal hors do’oeuvres and desserts were served during the event as residents danced the night away.

The Delmanor Northtown dances are always a huge success. Not only do all of the residents love the dance parties, but in keeping with Northtown tradition, all proceeds, including the popular 50/50 draw go to the “Delmanor Gives Back Initiative” in support of the Second Harvest Food Rescue.

To find out the next time that you can attend a Northtown dance, or to see other exciting events coming to Delmanor Northtown, please see our events page here.