Active Aging with the Hula Hoop to Health Workshop at Delmanor Northtown

Active Aging with the Hula Hoop to Health Workshop at Delmanor Northtown

Our health is truly our greatest treasure. At Delmanor Northtown, Residents took healthy living to a whole new level. While celebrating “Active Aging Week”, Residents participated in many active and wellness oriented programs, including the “Hula Hoop to Health & Fitness” Workshop with registered Kinesiologist Judy Chu.

Judy Chu is a Fitness & Health Specialist, and Adult Educator  with over thirty years of experience providing conventional and unconventional fitness programs to increase overall cognitive and physical health. The one-hour Hula Hoop Workshop focused on the benefits of unconventional exercise, not only for functional fitness, but also to stimulate cognitive and emotional health. The class included mobility, flexibility, strength training, and balance exercises while moving to dynamic music in a fun-filled atmosphere. Over twenty five attendees had a wonderful time not only strengthening their bodies and cardiovascular systems, but also enjoying being in a group setting and socializing with their neighbours.

At Delmanor Northtown, residents enjoy over fifteen fitness and wellness programs per week, ranging from LivingWell exercise classes, to Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and weight training, allowing each individual to reach their fitness goals and feel great each day!

By providing a variety of programs in-house that focus on physical, social, cognitive and emotional health, the Delmanor Experience allows every individual to flourish at their own pace and according to their own schedule. Life is better when you feel strong, healthy and are your own catalyst in “active aging”!

If you would like to obtain more information about retirement living at Delmanor Northtown or to arrange a tour of the residence, please contact Laurie Fortin or Christie Chapin, Community Relations Managers at (416) 225-9146 or to book a tour online click here.