Delmanor Northtown’s Afternoon with Peter Fisher

A musically spectacular afternoon was spent with residents and guests at Delmanor Northtown with the prestigious Peter Fisher.

Mr. Peter Fisher is an accomplished British Violinist that has performed for audiences for over thirty years.  He has established his own Ensemble, ‘The Chamber Ensemble of London’, in his hometown of London, England.

Peter has travelled extensively around the globe. He has entertained at Royal Gala Events, with the Philharmonic Orchestra of London and with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. Fisher’s performance was true to his reviews; playing with passion, having a smart technique, seamless bowing and beautiful tone.

Peter has received recognition from audiences across England, from the British Royal family and now from the Delmanor Northtown family!  He even stayed to chat about his violin, musical pieces and to enjoy a spot of tea. What a wonderful experience and opportunity to share such an international talent with the Delmanor residents!

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