Wine Tasting Event with Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Wine Tasting Event with Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Having many options for exploring new things is important at every age. The Delmanor Elgin Mills team always strives to bring new programs and excursions to their residents, whether it be in the Delmanor bus visiting local attractions and events or having an exciting seminar held right at home, there is a program for every interest at Delmanor Elgin Mills.

Cheryl is not only the dining room manager at Delmanor Elgin Mills, but she is also a talented Sommelier. Having such refined skills in wine tasting and pairing enhances the daily quality of meals served at Delmanor Elgin Mills, and also provides skills training to team members that are thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from her.

The Richmond Hill Pub was alive with Residents enjoying wine tastings from global wine producers from New Zealand, California & Spain. The wine tasting was complimented with participants having the full experience of learning the culture, suggested food pairings and aromas of each of the wines.

This professional wine tasting event was made even more memorable as residents were able to enjoy the experience in the comfort of their own home during the months of the year when outdoor activities are less desirable. The small interactive group provided a more intimate experience where everything was expertly prepared so that guests were able to enjoy and relax. One resident commented that “nothing brings people together quite like wine!” What a true statement that is! The Richmond Hill Pub was full of laughter as stories were shared from lifetimes of memories of travelling and cuisine.

There are always exciting things happening at Delmanor Elgin Mills. If you would like to see some of the events planned this Fall, please see the events page here, or to arrange a tour of the residence, please click here.