Classical Piano Concerto Entertains a Full House at Delmanor Northtown

Classical Piano Concerto Entertains a Full House at Delmanor Northtown

A chili Sunday afternoon did not stop residents and guests from descending on Delmanor Northtown’s Willowdale Lounge to enjoy the musical stylings of classical pianist Shaya Petroff and baritone Bradley Christiansen.

The duo performed favourites from operatic arias and musical theatre, to lesser known German lieder. A particularly crowd-rousing tune was Frederick Loewe’s “C’est Moi” from the musical Camelot.

In honour of Remembrance Day taking place the following day, the audience joined in on an impromptu rendition of “D-Day Dodgers”. Asking why he decided to add the songs to their repertoire, Mr. Petroff remarked, “I think it’s important to take the time to reawaken memories like these, whether they be nostalgic or even sad.” 

While Shaya Petroff is a Northtown favourite, having played for the community before, this is the first time he’s been accompanied by New Zealand-born Bradley Christiansen. Citing that song recitals can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both musically and emotionally, the Duo partnered up to perform a series of fourteen outreach concerts across the city.

Delmanor Northtown was one of their final stops of the 2019 season, but residents and staff alike are already looking forward to their next performance!

To learn about other performers coming to Delmanor Northtown, please call Christie or Laurie at 416-225-9146 or visit their events page here.