Honoring Long Term Employees at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Honoring Long Term Employees at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Delmanor Glen Abbey Residents and team members came together to recognize those Glen Abbey employees who were celebrating five, ten and fifteen years of service.

These devoted individuals represent commitment, hard work and dedication to the Residents of Glen Abbey to uphold the highest standards of excellence in fostering inspired retirement living for everyone who calls Delmanor Glen Abbey home.

This type of dedication and long term devotion to their place of employment exemplifies that at Delmanor, it is more than just a place of employment, individuals are welcomed into the family and are inspired themselves each and every day by the people they meet, beautiful surroundings, and relationships made and sense of pride that comes from working at Delmanor.

Each of the recipients were give their service awards and were thanked by their team and the Residents that they are so fortunate to support each day.

The delicious appetizers and refreshing punch were a perfect compliment to the award recognition presentation. Everyone was grateful to be able to thank these wonderful team members for all they do each day at Delmanor Glen Abbey.

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