Delmanor’s Resident Master Chef Event!

Delmanor’s Resident Master Chef Event!

Delmanor Residents all agree that they love food. The culinary teams at each of the Delmanor locations strive to exceed their Resident’s expectations each and every day!

The Delmanor team wants every Resident to be excited about their meals. A Resident cooking event was just the opportunity to allow residents to create and share a treasured family recipe with the help of a Delmanor Sous Chef.

Each community had their own take on the popular Master Chef Show. To make it fun for everyone, including the audiences, details of each event was tailored to each of the community’s preferences, personalities, and comfort levels.

Delmanor Prince Edward & Delmanor Wynford took on an interactive and live cooking demonstration approach where they walked their audience step by step through the creation of their recipes. Delmanor Elgin Mills on the other hand, chose a fun and competitive approach where Resident Chef Stewart was pitted against “Iron Chef Keith” for a cook-off. It was a close competition, but ultimately the primarily Resident based judging panel voted Resident Chef Stewart as the winner! No matter which competition style was chosen, the Delmanor Resident Chef competitions were a tremendous success!

The Prince Edward teams prepared Braised Lamb Shanks by Barbara, Meatloaf by Mary, and Louisiana Shrimp Gumbo by Hilda. Stewart from Delmanor Elgin Mills prepared Shrimp Fried Rice, while the Wynford Resident Chefs created Chicken with Walnut & Pomegranate by Martha, and Fish Pie by Jean.

All of the culinary creations definitely had the “WOW” factor! Allowing Residents the opportunity to show off their many talents is just part of the reason why our residents feel so happy and inspired by their retirement lifestyle provided by Delmanor. Each of the audience members waited in anticipation as the mouth-watering dishes were created. Their patience paid off with the opportunity to taste the meals created by their talented Resident Chefs.

Food is at the forefront of importance throughout all stages of life. It not only provides the foundation to our health and wellness, but promotes happiness, joy and improves our relationships with others.

In recognition of the participating Resident Chefs, each of the treasured recipes that were featured will become a part of the Delmanor Menu for all to enjoy!

At Delmanor Seniors Communities, culinary excellence is a standard, not the exception. Meals should not only taste delicious, but provide the highest nutritional value for the health of our residents, this is our promise.

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