Delmanor Elgin Mills Holiday Party

Delmanor Elgin Mills Holiday Party

The Delmanor Elgin Mills residents and their families eagerly await the annual holiday party which is definitely the most anticipated event of the year.

The entire main floor of Delmanor Elgin Mills was transformed into a winter wonderland that brought everyone who entered into a state of Christmas spirit bliss. The beautiful Elgin Room was adorned with many elegant food stations and decadent desserts.

Everyone who has ever attended a Delmanor Elgin Mills holiday party will attest to the fun, lively and fun atmosphere that brings family and friends together to catch up over the holidays.

Talented guitar players entertained the guests with festive songs that filled the halls of Delmanor Elgin Mills. The interactive three piece band was definitely the highlight of the entertainment for the evening, as their music inspired one resident to start a conga line made up of family members and team members that were weaving in and out of the halls to the holiday music!

Everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills had a fantastic and memorable time at this year’s holiday party and wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

To see other exciting events coming to Delmanor Elgin Mills, please contact Susan Applebaum or Kyle Grant, Community Relations Manager at (905) 770-7963 or click here for a list of of events.