Delmanor Prince Edward’s Passport Program!

Delmanor Prince Edward’s Passport Program!

Delmanor Prince Edward’s “Passport to the World” series ended on a very happy note with one lucky participant being awarded a hundred dollar gift certificate to the Keg Restaurant!

Each month throughout 2019, a different country was featured and residents and guests were invited to attend a number of interesting presentations featuring a select country. Attendees were delighted by the educational and stimulating content offered throughout the series.

Residents and guests had their passports stamped at each event they attended and the individual with the most stamps at the end of the year, was given a hundred dollar gift certificate to one of their favourite restaurants!

Prince Edward’s “Passport to the World” program was an extremely popular series that not only provided excellent information and education about the various cultures and highlights of the locations featured, but also allowed residents to discuss and experience these events with friends and neighbours. For some, it was an opportunity to go back to locations that they had visited in their past, but to others it was a chance to learn about different countries without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Sharing unique opportunities and fun activities with friends is one of the many experiences you can have at Delmanor Prince Edward. If you would like to learn about some of the exciting programs or events being held at Prince Edward or to join us for a tour, please contact Pam Palmer or Julie Shuster, Marketing & Community Relations Managers at (416) 233-0725 or click here to book a tour online.