Delmanor Glen Abbey Introduces the Leather Craft Club!

Delmanor Glen Abbey Introduces the Leather Craft Club!

A unique new club has been created at Delmanor Glen Abbey called the Leather Craft Club. Residents began by being taught basic skills and eventually will create their own pair of moccasins!

Creating hand-made items from leather is a somewhat lost skill in this day and age. Learning unique crafts is a very rewarding experience for all ages, especially when it will yield such a wonderful end result!

The residents had their first meeting that involved stamping patterns and then creating sturdy clasps. Experimenting with new craft ideas is always exciting for many of the Glen Abbey residents. Learning new skills while spending time with friends is certainly a fantastic pastime, especially over the winter months when we do not spend as much time outdoors.

Delmanor Glen Abbey has a wide range of events and activities for all interests and skill levels. This latest club has been an exciting addition to Glen Abbey’s recreational programming and will likely yield some very special gifts that can be saved for friends and family members over the coming year.

There is always lots going on at Delmanor Glen Abbey. To see some of the featured events, please click here for a listing or call Monique or Pat at (905) 469-3232.