Drug Interaction Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

Drug Interaction Seminar at Delmanor Northtown

A great way to begin any New Year is to start by being healthy!

There are an abundance of vitamins, foods, natural products, prescription and non-prescriptions drugs that are available to us today. It is no surprise that drug interactions have become a growing concern.

Abby, a fourth year pharmacy student who has a strong interest in ensuring people have proper access to medications, joined Beth Li, a Pharmacist and the Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart in North York for this interesting and informative seminar on medication interactions.

Beth is a Preceptor and Assessor for the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada and serves on the committee of the Ontario College of Pharmacists. They shared how prescriptions that are commonly taken for glaucoma, diabetes, atrial fibrillation and cholesterol can be affected by over the counter cold and flu medications that we often turn to during the winter season. Over the counter products vary greatly in their ingredients, and in some instances should be avoided when taking prescription medications.

When you take medications, herbal supplements and vitamins you can learn how to best regulate how and when they are taken. At times it is as simple as waiting a minimum of four hours between taking a combination of these products to optimize their effect.

There are important reasons for taking medication with food or on an empty stomach, other than just for absorption rate. Certain foods and drinks such as dairy, grapefruit juice, orange juice, herbal teas and alcohol when consumed with certain medications and antibiotics can have adverse effects.

Knowing the safe or proper doses for vitamins was also of interest to the residents and guests that attended the presentation. It was a real benefit for the audience to have the professionals at hand to ask questions about their own personal prescriptions. Most of us want to maximize our good health and to get the best results from the medications that we are taking. No one wants to create health complications due to the fact that we might not be aware of any potential drug interactions.

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