Delmanor Glen Abbey’s Winter Wonderland

Delmanor Glen Abbey’s Winter Wonderland

Despite the lack of snow, Delmanor Glen Abbey felt immersed in the beauty of winter as an ice sculptor came to demonstrate his unique talent for the residents.

Residents were invited outside to watch the ice sculpting up close and have the opportunity to ask questions..If they preferred preferred, they could sit in the beautifully decorated ‘winter wonderland’ themed room and watch through the window. The indoor audience watched in awe from the warmth of the building while enjoying ice wine, pastries, hot chocolate and time with friends.

The ice sculptor was an incredible guest providing such a wonderful and unique experience for the Glen Abbey Residents. Although most people prefer the warm summer months, it’s important for all of us to pause to appreciate the beauty of winter as well. The bright sun on fresh white snow, clean crisp air, and events and activities that can only happen during the cold winter months, it is truly a season to enjoy!

The Glen Abbey residents loved watching the gorgeous creation evolve from a simple block of ice, and the art form that was demonstrated before their eyes.

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