Delmanor Elgin Mills Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society

Delmanor Elgin Mills Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society

In recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Delmanor Elgin Mills decided to host a Pancake Fundraiser breakfast with all proceeds going to the York Region Alzheimer’s Society to help those living with Alzheimer’s and to assist with all of the beneficial work that they do.

It is important to recognize the support that the Alzheimer’s Society provides to our communities. It provides on-going care, support, information and education for people living with dementia, while assisting with fund-raising to help to find a cure. The devoted representatives work to educate decision makers about the need for improved health care services and qualified health care workers to support people with dementia.

Increasing awareness of dementia and how it affects all members of the family is another critical way that the Alzheimer’s Society helps families in our communities. Educating people about signs and symptoms of what to be aware of, are very important to help families assist with early diagnosis.

Residents and team members worked together for this important initiative and wore purple to support Alzheimer’s awareness and education. The Delmanor Elgin Mills residents and team members stand united to support the Alzheimer’s Society that has touched many of their families and fellow residents that reside in Delmanor’s Memory Plus Neighborhood.

Working together for common goals and giving back are some of the ways that the Delmanor Elgin Mills residents feel rewarded every day. Helping others, and being able to contribute with small acts of kindness means so much to everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills.

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