Lunar New Year Celebration at Delmanor Prince Edward!

Lunar New Year Celebration at Delmanor Prince Edward!

Delmanor residents, family members and the team celebrated the Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Rat, with a spectacular show, wonderful music and festive cuisine.

As Delmanor is comprised of people from various ethnicities, it is important to the team that they create events and celebrations that honor many of the backgrounds of the residents that reside at Delmanor. Celebrating different cultures and ethnicities in our Delmanor community is part of what brings us all together.

Residents were treated to a fabulous musical performance featuring a variety of classic Chinese melodies featuring a Ruan. The Ruan is a traditional Chinese plucked string instrument with a fretted neck and a round body with three strings.

The Old Mill Pub was filled with the beautiful sounds of music and cheerful decorations, but the celebrations did not stop there. In the evening, Residents enjoyed traditional Chinese cuisine prepared by Prince Edward’s Culinary Team, it was a wonderful celebration with lots of laughter and fun!

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