Small Steps! The Power of Simple Friendliness written by Delmanor Northtown Resident, Vince.

Small Steps!                             The Power of Simple Friendliness written by Delmanor Northtown Resident, Vince.

Every day, we have opportunities to take small steps that could lead to something big. Here are two examples of the power of simple friendliness.

I am part of a growing market called “seniors”. Many corporations are seizing the opportunity of building communities to serve this segment of the population. Large sums of money are spent describing how wonderful each new building is. Accordingly, it is common for prospective residents and their children to visit different places to see if they match their advertisements.

A resident who recently moved into Delmanor Northtown, told me that she had visited several places where she felt unwelcome. In contrast, she said that the first resident whom she met upon entering our community, greeted her with a friendly “Hello!”

This resident said that she immediately decided that she should move here, and has been happy ever since. All the expensive marketing campaigns were less powerful than the small step of a person greeting a stranger in a friendly manner.

Once a month, our General Manager has a meeting with the residents to inform us of anything significant. One of his announcements seemed somewhat strange to us – he requested that we smile and greet the mailman who delivers our mail faithfully throughout the year. He explained that the mailman had said that he likes coming to our building because the residents are so friendly and make him feel welcome. Sadly, he said that this was not the case in other buildings that he serviced. Our manager encouraged us to keep up the good reputation.

The challenge for me and you is to keep spreading God’s love in positive ways. Small steps like a smile or a simple greeting may seem very insignificant, but they certainly are easy steps to take.

Delmanor Northtown Resident

Reprinted in part with permission by Author. Originally printed in PresbyCan –