Famous Lovers Seminar at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Famous Lovers Seminar at Delmanor Elgin Mills

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, Delmanor Elgin Mills welcomed Lianne Harris to share her presentation of ‘Famous Lovers‘ with the Residents of Delmanor Elgin Mills & community members.

Lianne provided the audience with a peak inside the intimate, daring, wrenching, and even tempestuous private lives of some of history’s most famous couples. History is full of memorable couples, some are remembered for their romantic longetivity, while others are defined by tragedy.

From Antony and Cleopatra to Romeo and Juliet, love stories of couples that believed in each other and their love, even when everything was against them, inspire and captivate us. We all want to believe that true love is stronger than anything else and that to which we all aspire in our own lives.

Lianne shared eye witness accounts, contemporary writings, and love letters with the audience providing details and fascinating facts about some of the most memorable couples of all time. It was a captivating presentation all in the name of love that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

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