Finding New Friends After Retirement at Delmanor Wynford

Finding New Friends After Retirement at Delmanor Wynford

Many seniors that choose Delmanor as their home for their retirement years do not realize that they are going to make some of their best friends as soon as they become a part of the Delmanor family.

With the extensive amount and variety of recreation programs available, residents love that they can participate in these programs with friends and neighbours.

The gentlemen at Delmanor Wynford are thrilled that there is an event planned just for them called the R.O.M.E.O (Retired Outstanding Men Eating Out). Since female residents outnumber men in retirement age, it’s important that the fabulous Delmanor men are given the opportunity to bond and spend time together.

Many of the men of this generation spent their younger years as the breadwinners of their families. Some of them may have been caught in a war draft, or may have been the first in their family to attend post secondary education. These men raised their families in a time when their lives were focused on family, work, hobbies and clubs. The ROMEO club is a special time for the gentlemen to talk about their brides, their families and lives. Often one of the most popular activities for retired men is a place where the men can just be together and enjoy each other’s company.

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