Delmanor Glen Abbey’s Centennial Birthday Celebrations!

Delmanor Glen Abbey’s Centennial Birthday Celebrations!

Delmanor Glen Abbey recently celebrated two of their residents reaching the milestone of their one hundredth birthdays! Honoring special days and celebrating together are part of what makes the Delmanor residents so close.

Reflecting back with these residents, their friends and family members, brought back many special memories for those in attendance. It was fascinating to listen to all of the facts and societal changes that have occurred over the past one hundred years and to realize just how much things have truly changed.

The Glen Abbey team was on hand to serve cake, punch and a big birthday card to each of the residents that were celebrating their special days, while a wonderful live band entertained. Everyone had a fabulous time celebrating these residents and their one hundredth birthdays!

Being with friends and family and acknowledging important moments in our residents lives, are part of why the residents at Delmanor Glen Abbey feel like family, and family have that unique way of making its members feel as though they belong to something special, because truly they do.

If you would like to visit Delmanor Glen Abbey for a tour or to learn about our LivingWell program, please contact Monique Kuhn at (905) 469-3232 or click here for more information.