Delmanor Northtown’s Winterfest Celebration

Delmanor Northtown’s Winterfest Celebration

Being Canadian, we all embrace the season changes and try to make the most of our winter weather.  At Delmanor Northtown Residents enjoyed their very own WinterFest Celebration with friends and neighbors.

Everyone arrived for the event dressed in their warmest clothes, and enjoyed music and refreshments.  Sugar on snow was skillfully prepared by the Delmanor Chef by boiling syrup to the correct temperature and then pouring it over crushed ice. Delicious maple desserts, made-from-scratch hot chocolate, ginger-beer, and speciality coffee warmed spirits during the cold temperatures.

The Delmanor Residents had a front row seat to watch Nandasiri Polwatta Gedarage create a masterpiece demonstrating his thirty years of experience carving, painting and in digital art. Nandasiri emigrated from Sri Lanka to Canada where he fell in love with the idea of creating Canadian Ice Sculptures and committed himself to master the trade. Nandasiri placed top three in his very first ice sculpting competition and couldn’t stop there. He continue to place in the top three in contests in different regions of Canada and most recently he won first place at the Icefest 2020 in Toronto! 

Amazingly, in about an hour, using a variety of tools such as a chainsaw, chisels, and a drill, Nandasiri created a beautiful work of art for the Delmanor residents and guests. It was an astonishing and truly Canadian winter experience!

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