Roof Top Vista Terrace at Delmanor Prince Edward

Roof Top Vista Terrace at Delmanor Prince Edward
Residents of Delmanor Prince Edward are often found taking advantage of the fresh air and panoramic views of the Humber River, adjacent valley and
Toronto skyline from the Rooftop Vista Terrace. Being outdoors on the
Rooftop Vista Terrace and walking around with the surrounds of nature,
waterways, woodlands and parks, provide the residents with feeling more
connected to the environment and less isolated while maintaining the current
necessary physical distancing.

Getting outdoors increases our exposure to sunlight that boosts vitamin D levels, which can in turn boost the immune system and reduce the risk of infections. When we go outdoors, we are more physically active and sleep better– all of these factors make our immune system more robust and increase our defense against COVID-19 and many other challenges to our overall health.  

The Delmanor Prince Edward Residents are very grateful for their terrace and will be enjoying physical distancing in the warm sunlight in the days to come.       

If you would like to obtain more information about retirement living at Delmanor Prince Edward please contact Pam Palmer or Julie Shuster, Marketing & Community Relations Managers at (416) 233-0725 or click here.