Ellie’s Birthday Celebration at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Ellie’s Birthday Celebration at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Delmanor Glen Abbey made a special day happen by creating a unique opportunity for a socially distanced and safe birthday celebration for a lovely Glen Abbey resident.

Despite all of the wonderful technology available to us today to stay in touch and even see each other’s faces over screens, there is simply nothing like seeing loved ones in person to be able to take in the entire presence and real life connection.

Delmanor Glen Abbey has created “The Chat Room” as a way to bring residents together with their families while still maintaining safety. Ellie was the first resident to try out the new Chat Room on her birthday, and what a precious gift it was! In the Chat Room residents are comfortably seated with a telephone in a room with glass windows to the outdoors. Family members can speak to their loved one over the phone, while being able to physically see them as well. This wonderful opportunity allowed Ellie to watch and hear her family sing happy birthday to her which overjoyed her on her special day.

During this time of physical isolation, the Chat Room provided Ellie a definite lift and washed away any sadness that may have come from being away from family on her birthday. Watching Ellie’s eyes light up and seeing the joy that her family brought to her, touched the entire family. Their birthday signs being held up for her were quite possibly some of the most memorable birthday “cards” she had ever received.

Going that extra mile to make residents and families feel connected and safe during these times brings all of us joy and happiness from their display of love, family and hope. Delmanor Glen Abbey will continue to do everything they can to support residents and families until we can hug again.

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