Delmanor’s LivingWell Virtual Gentle Fitness & Strength Classes

Delmanor’s LivingWell Virtual Gentle Fitness & Strength Classes

During this time of staying safe and isolated indoors, Delmanor Prince Edward resident Rudy began to miss the daily exercise classes held in the LivingWell Centre. In an effort to stay active and refrain from sitting too much, Rudy began participating in the gentle fitness classes plus strength classes which are offered through Delmanor’s  Resident & Family website.

Rudy simply accesses the Delmanor website from his Living Room computer, then selects the “entertainment” tab and chooses “gentle exercise”. He can put the video on ‘Full screen’ or his daughter has shown him how to use a Chromecast device that allows him to send the video from his computer to his tv, which gives him a bigger picture. His daughter can also access the fitness classes from the comfort of her own home and participate in the class with Rudy at the same time!

Delmanor’s own LivingWell Coach, Karen Hatch, has continued her passion for helping the Residents stay strong and fit at this challenging time by providing a renewed and fresh approach to fitness through her specially coordinated video series. Rudy compliments these gentle fitness and strength classes by occasionally going for a small walk on his own or independently climbing a few stairs.

Staying healthy and active is always a critical component of daily life for Delmanor residents. With social distancing restrictions, some modifications are required, but residents are staying fit, healthy and socialized with just a little change, until routines can return to a more familiar style.

If you have any questions about what Delmanor Prince Edward is doing for residents during this pandemic or to start to plan for your future retirement living with us, please contact Pam or Julie, at (416) 233-0725 or click here for more information. #Togetherwecan, #Inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorprincedward