The Poets of Delmanor Northtown

The Poets of Delmanor Northtown

Writing is therapeutic to many people. Some individuals find the art of writing early in life as a way of expressing themselves, while others discover writing and other art forms later in life when they have more time to learn new things.

Delmanor Northtown is fortunate to have a few published authors as residents and they inspired some of their neighbours to put pen to paper for the first time to try something new!

During this time of physical distancing, people are experiencing feelings and emotions that can often be challenging to overcome. Many people are turning to art and writing to express themselves and communicate ideas. The Northtown poets decided to channel their creativity into creating individual poems that would act as a resource for others and also as an outlet for themselves during this time.

Coming up with a script takes concentration and improves cognitive functions. Searching for that exact word, and learning new words to express our thoughts is good for our brains too! Writing allows us to heal emotional pain, it encourages us to show gratitude & affection for others, while also expressing ideas and feelings about the world in which we live. Writing can make us smile and even laugh out loud! Expressing ourselves helps us to reach a higher level of self awareness and helps us to recognize and release emotions that arise during challenges.

So many residents and team members alike benefitted from the Northtown “Spoken from the Soul” book of poetry. In return, the poets that contributed to the book offered the gift of inspiration, while providing themselves with an outlet and opportunity to share feelings with fellow residents, friends and loved ones.

There was an overwhelming positive response to the book! Residents are hoping to set an example to others on how to stay creative and inspired during this period until we can rejoin family and friends again.

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