Special Radio Dedication to Delmanor Northtown

Special Radio Dedication to Delmanor Northtown

Anne is a resident of Delmanor Northtown and loves listening to music on her radio.  With the recent restrictions and spending more time in her suite, Anne has devoted many hours to enjoying her radio and the New Classical FM station 96.3 that plays some of her favourite songs.

Anne wanted to find a way to thank the Delmanor Northtown team for all of their extra work, and for the care that was being provided in her community on a daily basis.  She and her fellow residents greatly appreciate the extra efforts and precautions that are in place to keep everyone healthy and happy.  Anne decided to combine these two items that she loves and reach out to Bill Anderson, a broadcast veteran from Toronto and host of a radio dedication program on 96.3 where listeners can call or email in to dedicate a special song.  After a few days of calling, Anne was able to connect with Bill!  She was thrilled as she was able to dedicate the song Hallelujah to the Delmanor team.

Over the years, this song has been played many times on the Northtown baby grand piano as the lyrics rang through the Delmanor lounge from residents singing along.  Northtown General Manager Matt Ross is also a talented musician.  He had put together a special tribute to the late Leonard Cohen soon after his passing with a presentation and performance of his signature song.  It was the song of choice by many visiting choirs and was the song that Anne had chosen to dedicate to the Northtown team as a sign of appreciation.

This song reminds us at Delmanor of happier times when we are all together.  Anne said it best that when we are all reunited, and we make it through these days of COVID-19, “we will all say hallelujah!”

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