Spring Has Sprung at Delmanor Wynford

Spring Has Sprung at Delmanor Wynford

Here comes the sun, thank goodness!

There are so many ways that spring brightens our moods after a long dark winter. Sometimes life is challenging and it becomes hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In order to help with mood, having a positive mindset is key, and never more than now do objects that surround us have such an important impact on our outlook on life.

Flowers and plants can have a dramatic impact on our health, reducing stress and helping to bring a sense of calm. Individuals that are surrounded by flowers are often less agitated, anxious and depressed.

The Delmanor Wynford residents were thrilled to see the return of the beautiful spring flowers in the Wynford gardens. Residents love looking at the spring flowers as they are emerging all over the residence, and can’t wait until they are able to share their lovely gardens with family and friends.

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