Technology Lessons Keeping Us Connected

Technology Lessons Keeping Us Connected

Staying safe while being physically distant from loved ones and friends is encouraging many people to learn new ways to connect. Those that might have had a slight interest are diving into technology right now in order to stay close to family and friends.

Perhaps it was a family member who had purchased an Ipad or tablet for their parents, or maybe it is a resident that had purchased a new device but now wonders “now what have I done?!” after it came out of the box. Since often the most challenging part of learning something new is the initial orientation, the Northtown team found a safe way for residents to take a lesson in technology.  At a time when we cannot see family in person, applications such as Zoom, Skype or Face time have become vital tools to connect to those we love the most. 

The joy of witnessing the world open up for someone with the use of technology is priceless. Getting updates about fellow church members, learning about online banking possibilities, being introduced to online shopping,  learning how to access the web for news updates, or seeing the latest photos of your grandkids opens a wealth of opportunities that would otherwise be missed. It is a world that is still new to some, but something many of us could not imagine life without it.

With a little bit of support, some guidance and a few lessons we can all stay connected during this challenging time and beyond!

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