The Expert Gardeners of Delmanor Northtown

The Expert Gardeners of Delmanor Northtown

As the weather warms up, the temperature and sunshine calls us all outdoors to enjoy the long awaited nice weather. With limitations on who is able to enter Delmanor Northtown for safety purposes, there has been a group put together of residents and team members that are excited to landscape. There are three outdoor terraces at Delmanor Northtown, each with their own gardening areas positioned to benefit from the full western sun.

These gardening areas are ideal for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Some of the plants at Delmanor Northtown have even been transplanted from gardens that residents had in their yards prior to moving to Delmanor Northtown! The second floor terrace provides a quiet and relaxing garden area. The terrace has a lot of greenery and large trees that become full of leaves providing shade in the warmer months.

Many of the Delmanor residents have green thumbs and years of gardening experience under their belts. With this plant expertise and even a resident botanist on hand, there is definitely great recommendations of where new plants will thrive and what the future garden will look like in full bloom.

A healthy plant starts with good soil, and now is the perfect time to get the soil prepared for planting. The resident gardeners know that the less weeds, pests and plant pathogens the better. Soil with sufficient nutrient supply, along with an area with good drainage works best for the health of plants.

Many people can attest to the therapeutic benefits of gardening and getting our hands in the dirt. Gardening gets us outside in the fresh air and sunshine and releases stress. Thanks to our resident gardeners, the Northtown gardens will be even more beautiful this year!

If you wish to read more about retirement living at Delmanor Northtown, you can click here or if you prefer you can contact Laurie at (416) 225-9146. #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanornorthtown, #seniors, #gardening, #spring

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