Ingrid Saves the Ears of the Northtown Team

Ingrid Saves the Ears of the Northtown Team

In the past, Ingrid would fill her table at the Delmanor holiday market with her beautiful creations. Ingrid not only has a passion for crocheting, but an incredible talent for it as well!

Speaking with her daughter working on the front line in a hospital, Ingrid learned of a particular need that she might be able to help with. With the personal protective equipment requirements (PPE) due to COVID-19, staff are wearing masks all day and they are quite uncomfortable for many.

In order to be most effective, masks are required to fit snugly and this puts pressure on the ears of the individual wearing them. There was a simple yet brilliant invention called the “mask ear saver” that would help to relieve pressure, irritation and chafing behind the ears. Ingrid felt that she had to try and help, so she reached out to the individual with a pattern for this invention and then she set off to work!

For years Ingrid has enjoyed crocheting. She especially loves making butterflies because they are beautiful and make people smile. Once she started making them she couldn’t stop, but now, she has found a new passion in making ear savers. Ingrid claimed, “it looks like I will be making ear savers from now on!”

Ingrid’s kindness and generosity has extended past the hospital. She has created enough ear savers for every Delmanor Northtown employee with a beautiful assortment of colours for men and women. The team was thrilled with these wonderful gifts. They have truly helped with their daily jobs that involve wearing masks to protect others. The entire Northtown team were so grateful for these thoughtful gifts and had a lot of fun picking out their favourite colours.

The Delmanor team will continue working hard each and every day for the residents. Wonderful people such as Ingrid who find ways of giving back and showing appreciation make the Northtown team feel even more inspired and motivated to be their very best.

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