Maintaining Hope at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Maintaining Hope at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Our lives have been disrupted, our families have been changed, we have been isolated, quarantined, and are practicing social distancing. However through all of this change and uncertainty we can still find displays of hope and strength that showcase the united resilience that comes forth during challenging times.

The residents and team members of Delmanor Elgin Mills recently received an uplifting and inspiring edition of HOPE Magazine. The magazine has wonderful stories of hope and happiness that helped to brighten the moods of everyone that read them.

The Publishers of HOPE Magazine strive to bring a source of encouragement and joy to others through their publication. Many people in all age groups have experienced loneliness during this time. As self isolation can lead to more anxiety, which has also been tied to weakened immune systems, reading this inspiring magazine helps people to feel less isolated and more hopeful.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can have the greatest impact on our lives. Staying hopeful and positive through this period of COVID-19 has been very helpful to everyone at Delmanor Elgin Mills.

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