The Smallest Seed, The Smallest Deed.

The Smallest Seed, The Smallest Deed.


A Poem From Sal Di Matteo

The Smallest Seed, The Smallest Deed.

May is fast around the bend, as April was to March’s end,

Within Delmanor’s halls we walk,

our spirits soaring strong against the fight,

Day light or starred night.

I helped you pot some soil today;

the seeds are in your hand, you put them there, and better yet,

We take the extra steps for you;

your day to day will last, we will ensure, the sun has climbed,

You joined us from your balcony;

activity is strong, the springtime fun, behind the scenes,

They lead with lion’s pride and might;

We walk this road as one, aside by side, a people strong, headlong,

A Team inspired.

– Sal Di Matteo

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