Safe, Secure and Happy at Delmanor Prince Edward

Safe, Secure and Happy at Delmanor Prince Edward

Reassuring routines with fun socially distant activities are keeping the Delmanor Prince Edward residents entertained, safe and happy.

For many of our residents staying connected with family and friends is key to their happiness. This is why we have worked to maintain many of our familiar daily activities with some changes, while using technology and other methods to keep the resents connected to love ones.

While individuals around the world are attempting to keep well and stay safe, the residents at Delmanor Prince Edward have been keeping active both socially and physically in their safe and secure environment. Some of the changes that have been implemented have been small yet creative, others like in-suite room service dining has become the new normal.

Delmanor Prince Edward residents are happy and living life to their fullest! It’s easy to see how appreciative and happy the resident are to be living at Delmanor Prince Edward during this time of change.

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