Delmanor Northtown Welcomes Back Rosa, Our Wonderful Hairstylist!

Delmanor Northtown Welcomes Back Rosa, Our Wonderful Hairstylist!

Shopping malls & restaurants reopened as parts of Ontario entered the second major phase of reopening.  All personal care settings including hair salons were a part of this second stage.

A visit to the Delmanor Northtown hair salon was one of the most anticipated services for many of our residents. Some of the residents had made the claim that an appointment with their hairdresser was considered an essential service!  

Rosa, owner of Rosa House of Beauty, a well-known shop on Yonge Street for over thirty years, is our stylist at Delmanor Northtown. She has many loyal customers and was missed by every one of them. Hair stylists or barbers often know a lot about us and they touch our lives, so visits to the salon or barber become more than just a hair cut, they are a social visit. With all of the precautions in place, we happily welcomed Rosa back to our community.

Many of us have never gone this long without a visit to our stylist. Some residents joked that they didn’t have long hair in teenage years but they did now! There are stories in every family of individuals taking on their own haircutting, with some funny stories to share for years to come. Thankfully Rosa has been able to return to make us all look gorgeous again!

Northtown residents had a fun opening day to Rosa’s salon, seeing our friends and neighbours before and after their appointments. A good haircut can make you feel really good about yourself and like a whole new person.

The struggles and changes to our lives that have occurred since Covid-19 arrived has taught us all to appreciate all of the little things even more.

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