The Sister Network

The Sister Network


“The Sister Network”

I am one of five children, with three sisters and one brother. The four sisters stay connected and communicate on an app group that we refer to as “The Sister Network.” During COVID all four of the sisters continued working – two at work and two from home.

Betty, my oldest sister is a Hearing Specialist at her audiology business in California. She was doing emergency curb side service for seniors who would remain in their car while they waited for repairs or servicing of their hearing aids. Betty sent a photo of herself with a new mask. She said it was difficult for those that are very hard of hearing or for those that remove their hearing aids, to read her lips with a mask.

I sent her my photo with my mask and the clear shield I wear every day at Delmanor to keep our residents safe.  I thought that a clear shield may be helpful to her.

My sister Connie has a good sense of humour, has always worked in Finances and is current working virtually from home. Connie searched her house only to find a sweatshirt with hood, an egg poaching cup, and a clear pot lid!  

Linda, the youngest is working from home in Sudbury and is a Geologist/Metallurgical Supply Chain Specialist. She didn’t want to be left out so sent her photo showing her “business safety attire!” It was her son’s Halloween mask and as you can see she was clearly wearing her homemade, flannel pyjamas in the middle of the day!  

This made us laugh! Humour, staying connected, hope for the future are all key elements in getting through times that are unknown.

Daily, at Delmanor Northtown I have seen numerous examples of support. It is a community and safe place to ask for help, melt down, cry and laugh. Perhaps the residents at Delmanor know best from experience that diseases and viruses of past decades have been conquered and vaccines are created. Together we  remain positive, grateful, feel less alone, encourage one another and cheer each other up!

My sisters and the residents of Delmanor Northtown remind me each day to stay hopeful and that even in the most difficult times, we still need to find the humour!

By Laurie F.

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