The Rise and Shine Project with Delmanor Elgin Mills

The Rise and Shine Project with Delmanor Elgin Mills

The sense of community and helping one another has never been more valuable than it is today.

Delmanor Elgin Mills has always been involved in community outreach initiatives and strives to give back to their community whenever possible. It was a lovely surprise when the Community Church along with neighbours was looking for a way to help out during this time and chose Delmanor Elgin Mills as one of the Retirement Communities to recognize.

The Rise and Shine Project was created through two kind hearted Richmond Hill citizens, Kathie Weaver and Siew Tan. Kathy & Siew were learning of the struggles that this pandemic was creating for seniors and wanted to reach out to bring some sunshine and happiness to residents that were living through social isolation.

The Rise & Shine Project certainly brought joy to the Elgin Mills Residents. Beautiful hand-made origami flower bouquets adorned the common areas of the building, and each resident received a gift bag filled with treats that were donated by small businesses in the community.

With the help of generous donations, along with the kindness and compassion of Kathy & Siew, the Rise and Shine Project touched the lives of the Elgin Mills residents with these lovely surprises. A kind act from strangers further confirms that even during times of crisis, there is always kindness and love in our world that helps to raise us up, even during the most challenging of times.

To read more about retirement living at Delmanor Elgin Mills please click here or contact Susan at (905) 770-7963. #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorelginmills, #riseandshine, #seniors, #richmondhill, #caring, #kindness