The Re-Opening of DelSpa Salon at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

The Re-Opening of DelSpa Salon at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Regardless of age, a good haircut is an important part of our self esteem. Looking good makes us feel better about ourselves and helps to prevent feelings of isolation and depression. Everyone deserves to look their best, and that is why hair care is such an important service for seniors.

With all of the restrictions that have been put upon us from COVID-19, many individuals speak of the impact that not having a hair cut has had on them. One can imagine the excitement when Residents were told that the beautiful DelSpa Salon was reopening for business!

The hairstyling team was welcomed back with open arms as many residents could not wait to book their long awaited appointment. Especially after this period of social isolation, everyone was thrilled with the reopening of DelSpa Salon so they could have their hair cut and feel more like themselves again.

And, after! What a beautiful lady!

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