A History of Richmond Hill with Delmanor Elgin Mills

A History of Richmond Hill with Delmanor Elgin Mills

It’s always interesting to learn about the history of the community that we reside in and where we grew up. Pictures and historical accounts trigger memories of years gone by and people that we may have known and not thought of in years.

Delmanor Elgin Mills Resident Tony Centa has been featured in a book about Richmond Hill’s history in which he was highlighted for his contributions. Tony was an Industrial Arts Teacher at Richmond Hill High School. In a teaching career of thirty five years, Tony has helped to shape and mold many lives of young Richmond Hill residents.

The book, “The Later Days in Richmond Hill, a History of the Community”, is a fascinating read about Richmond Hill’s past. This book is especially dear to Delmanor Elgin Mills because it features their very own Tony Centa!

Delmanor Elgin Mills proudly displays this book in their Respite Suite for guests to enjoy as well as the copy that stays in the Delmanor library.

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