The DelMarket at Delmanor Elgin Mills

The DelMarket at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Delmanor Elgin Mills has their very own “market” within the building for small purchases as well as for special order items.

Prior to the restrictions brought upon us from COVID-19, Residents would volunteer their time helping out in the market, but now during recent restrictions, LivingWell Manager Renee Saint-Martin and Michelle White, General Manager, are taking special order requests and keeping DelMarket stocked up at all times for their Residents.

The Elgin Mills DelMarket is currently open from Monday to Friday, 10am-11am for Resident shopping needs. COVID-19 has slightly changed the way things are handled in the Market, but Residents are still able to shop for their essentials from the comfort and safety of their suites, or in the store itself if they choose. By allowing only one person at a time in the store and ensuring social distancing measures are met, Residents are able to safely and conveniently have personal shopping at home without having to go without or rely on others to help during these challenging times.

As situations change around us, so do the services provided at Delmanor Elgin Mills. Keeping our residents safe, while still providing helpful services, fantastic cuisine and interactive programming is key to keeping Residents happy and socially connected while still maintaining all necessary safety requirements.

If you wish to speak to someone at Delmanor Elgin Mills to gain further information, please contact either Susan, Kyle or Keri, Community Relations Managers at (905) 737-7446 or you can click here to read more about Delmanor Elgin Mills online. #Togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorelginmills, #seniors, #retirement, #DelMarket