Caring For Each Other at Delmanor Glen Abbey

Caring For Each Other at Delmanor Glen Abbey

The Glen Abbey team was thrilled and surprised when gifts arrived from the community giving thanks for all of their dedication and hard work in keeping the Residents safe and cared for during this pandemic.

The incredible, unwavering power of the human spirit is never more evident than during times of uncertainty and crisis. Every member of the Glen Abbey team received a gift as a token of thanks. It was truly heartwarming to be recognized for the effort it takes to protect, nurture, and keep our residents safe.

Although the greatest reward for the team comes each day when we are able to interact with Residents and help to support them through this time, recognition from the community definitely. made everyone feel great!

The surprise BeWell bags consisted of Unilever’s donation of Dove Soap, lip balm from National Pharmacy, Keri Moisturizer & barrier cream from M.C.P McCaughey Consumer Management Inc., and hand-made ear relief bands from an anonymous donor.

All of these very thoughtful products are going to be wonderful for the team members to relieve some of the side effects from wearing masks and shields and having to be constantly washing their hands, whether it be with sanitizer or soap.

Thank you to all of our wonderful and supportive community members and families, your support means the world to us!

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