Delmanor Elgin Mills Supporting Our Front Line Heroes!

The Delmanor Elgin Mills team wanted to show the front line workers at local hospitals how appreciated they are, and to show the love and support coming to them from their community. Taking care of our caregivers so that they can take care of us is essential, and never more so than now.

This event represented all departments and team members of Delmanor Elgin Mills equally coming together to create twelve posters for the front line hospital workers, providing messages of thanks and hope for brighter tomorrows.

These frontline healthcare heroes demonstrate their dedication to others with long hours during normal conditions. Recently they have been forced to handle the increased risk from working during the COVID-19 outbreak on top of the normal physical and mental demands of their positions.

The Delmanor Elgin Mills team visited each of their local hospitals and delivered some delicious home-made Delmanor Delight chocolate bark in gift bags for the frontline workers as a token of appreciation for all they do. The Delmanor bus acted as a moving billboard, proudly displaying the posters with messages of hope and support for everyone to read!

While the entire Delmanor Elgin Mills team has been committed to keeping their Residents safe from COVID-19, they wanted to take on this initiative to help rally the community behind the essential health care workers and to help to encourage those that are fighting on the front lines for all of us.

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