Another Culinary Delight at Delmanor Wynford!

Another Culinary Delight at Delmanor Wynford!

The Chefs of Delmanor Wynford bring with them diverse backgrounds that together provide extensive culinary knowledge that they have gained by travelling and working around the world.

The Delmanor Chefs love creating dishes that not only provide excellent nutrition for the Residents, but also provide something unique and delicious to inspire and create excitement over their next meal!

Octopus is a beautiful and delicate cephalopod that is found primarily in warmer Mediterranean waters. The Wynford Chefs brought the Octopus to the Spring & Summer menu in their delicious grilled octopus and smoked shrimp salad.

The Wynford Culinary Team takes great pride in the meals that they prepare for the residents. Providing lunch and dinner specialities from a variety of cuisines and cultures around the world is not only something that is eagerly anticipated by the Residents, but is also something that the team loves! Their passion for food is evident with each meal, as is the dedication to the high quality and interesting cuisine that the Residents enjoy each day.

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