Bringing Paris to Delmanor Elgin Mills

Bringing Paris to Delmanor Elgin Mills

Many of us are missing the ability to travel, as vacations are a large part of our lives and the memories that we treasure. Many of the Elgin Mills Residents have travelled most of their lives and have fascinating stories to share about their many adventures.

With the current situation limiting our ability to travel, Renee Saint-Martin, our LivingWell Manager, had a wonderful idea! By creating a theme Thursdayfor Resident and team members, everyone could participate in the theme with food and attire to experience a getaway without leaving home.

Over the past several months as Residents were restricted to their suites, these theme Thursdays brought great joy to the Residents and a wonderful bonding opportunity for the Elgin Mills team.

One of the highlights during the theme Thursday events was the week that was focused on Paris, the city of light, history and love. For those who have visited Paris in the past, this theme week brought back wonderful memories. For those that had not visited Paris in person, this opportunity provided a wonderful escape for each Resident to visit the city, even if it was from the safety of their home.

A beautiful trolly filled with delicious Parisian foods arrived to give everyone a special treat to compliment the theme events of the day. Creativity and imagination has never been more prominent at Delmanor Elgin Mills. Using our imaginations we have been able to keep daily programming fun and inspiring for our residents, while maintaining the most stringent of safety standards.

If you would like to read more about Delmanor Elgin Mills please click here, or you can contact Susan, Kyle or Keri at (905) 737-7446 to schedule a tour to visit Delmanor Elgin Mills. #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #seniors, #retirement, #Paris, #friends, #seniorsincanada