The Return of Men’s Club at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

The Return of Men’s Club at Delmanor Glen Abbey!

The wonderful and inspiring Gentlemen of Delmanor Glen Abbey were thrilled with the return of their Men’s Club!

The socially distanced Men’s Club Luncheon consisted of beer, wine, chicken wings, fries and butter tarts to welcome the men back to one of their favourite activities. It was wonderful to have all of the friends back together enjoying excellent conversation and long awaited companionship with their group.

The gentlemen shared some excellent conversations including some personal facts about their lives including professions, hobbies, achievements and families. It was fascinating learning about the many different careers in the group. Some of the careers mentioned were mining, working for Ford, Honda, GM, and other large corporations, engineering, detective, doctor, presidents of companies and entrepreneurs, to name a few.

One of our Men’s Club members shared his story of buying a small airplane and flying around the world several times with his friends and family! Another interesting story came from a gentleman that shared his struggles of immigrating to Canada from Italy and the journey from being a new immigrant to becoming a successful Canadian citizen. There were stories of families and holidays to successful career journeys starting at an entry level of a company and working up through the years to become President.

One of the things that was missed most by the Glen Abbey Residents these past few months was in-person conversations with friends. The return of the Men’s Club at Delmanor Glen Abbey was met with such pleasure and joy! Welcome back Gentlemen of Delmanor to your Men’s Club!

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