The Sounds of the Caribbean on the Delmanor Prince Edward Terrace

The Sounds of the Caribbean on the Delmanor Prince Edward Terrace

The weather has been glorious lately and the Residents of Delmanor Prince Edward have been enjoying being outside as much as possible.

Many outdoor events have been planned this summer including a Caribbean celebration that involved excellent entertainment that took everyone on a musical vacation to the Caribbean.

The Riverside Terrace and beyond was filled with music from the Caribbean including the unmistakable sounds of the steel pan drum that had the Residents dancing and toe-tapping all afternoon long. The steel pan is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. The pan is struck using a pair of sticks tipped with rubber. The size and type of rubber tip varies accord to the class of pan being played. Some musicians are able to use four pan sticks, holding two in each hand! The remarkable talent comes from Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival percussion groups and is the signature sound that we associate with the lively and upbeat songs from the Caribbean.

Many of the Prince Edward Residents watched the performance from their balconies and some neighbours even listened from the building next door! The music brought so much joy and happiness to everyone that lasted well into the evening. This was not only a celebration of Caribbean culture, but also a celebration of friends and the joy that comes from being together enjoying the sights and sounds of summer.

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