A 70th Wedding Anniversary at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

A 70th Wedding Anniversary at Delmanor Elgin Mills!

Seventy years of marriage, it is the incredible milestone know as a Platinum Wedding Anniversary. Delmanor Elgin Mills was thrilled to share in a Platinum Celebration with a very special couple.

Even though many aspects of everyday life has changed due to COVID-19, this special day was honoured and celebrated with the family and friends of Rose and Martin who have enjoyed living at Elgin Mills for the past year.

The front patio of Delmanor Elgin Mills welcomed the special couple with a colourful bouquet of flowers along with loved ones that came to celebrate with them. Rose and Martin are an inspiration to everyone they meet with their timeless love and devotion that is so evident in everything they do.

Listening to Rose and Martin reflect on their seventy years of marriage together with their family and friends left the Elgin Mills team feeling honoured that they were sharing in this incredible milestone with them. Being able to get to know our Residents on a personal level is one of the many advantages that we are given each day while we strive to do our best to make their retirement the best it can be.

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