Medals of Appreciation for Delmanor Elgin Mills

Medals of Appreciation for Delmanor Elgin Mills

In appreciation and recognition for the Delmanor Elgin Mills team, one of our Resident’s daughters purchased Recognition Medals from the Royal Canadian Mint to present to the heroes of Delmanor Elgin Mills.

The Royal Canadian Mint has proudly created a unique keepsake that pays tribute to the tremendous contributions of essential workers across Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint is donating 100% of the net proceeds to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help support Canadian children and their families that are struggling during these trying times.

The Delmanor Elgin Mills team was honoured when they were presented with these medals that reflect the tremendous contributions of front line workers during this pandemic.

We are truly in uncharted times. One thing we can all agree on is that we owe our front line & essential workers even more now than ever before. This incredible act of kindness meant so much to our Delmanor team. Each of our team members will wear their medals with pride and as badges of honour and symbols of what Delmanor Core Values mean to each of us, especially during challenging times.

If you would like to learn more about Delmanor Elgin Mills, please click here, or you can contact Kyle, Keri or Susan at (905) 737-7446. #togetherwecan, #inspiredconnections, #delmanor, #delmanorelginmills, #royalcanadianmint, #heroes, #frontlineworkers, #thankyou