A Peach Festival at Delmanor Elgin Mills

A Peach Festival at Delmanor Elgin Mills

Even though most peach festivals are cancelled this year due to COVID-19, Niagara’s famous peaches are still ready to enjoy and delight taste buds all across our country and beyond.

Delmanor Elgin Mills decided to host their own peach festival in order to celebrate peach season at home this year.

For many of us, annual visits to the Winona Peach Festival has been a part of much of our lives. Happy memories of late summer festivals with the unmistakable sweetness of fresh peaches brings back fond memories of special times with family and friends.

The Elgin Mills Residents were treated to the very best that peach season has to offer. Mother Nature provided the perfect weather for a peach inspired BBQ dinner. Smoked peach marinated grilled chicken breast with peach plum glaze or rosemary mustard pork tenderloin kicked off the showstopper event that was followed by peach custard tarts and peach pecan parfaits.

While everyone was enjoying their delicious meal, the entertainment provided upbeat background tunes to feel that summer vibe. To complete this perfect evening Residents were treated to freshly made peach bellini’s and peach smoothies to cool everyone down on a hot summer night!

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